Eyelash Extensions made her lash BALD, this company helped grow them b - Liaison Growth


After The Salon Refused to Help Her, This Company Stepped In and Gave Her Beautiful Lashes

TOLEDO- Marcy Manning is a middle-school teacher and a single mother living in Ohio. Like many of us during the pandemic, Marcy started to do more research and take better care of her hair and skin. She explains,

“What else was there to do every night but look in the mirror and try to figure out how to make my skin better?” She laughed. “I started buying new moisturizers and retinol products every week. And honestly, I noticed a difference! That’s when I moved onto my lashes…”

Marcy always had thin, short eyelashes that she tried to make look longer with mascaras, but it never worked.

“I started researching what I could do to make my lashes look longer, and I came up with eyelash extensions.”

Eyelash extensions are synthetic or natural hair fibers that are individually attached to your eyelashes with a strong adhesive. The painstaking process can take a long time as each extension is placed on an eyelash one by one.

“I did a lot of research to find a place I thought I could trust based on a lot of positive reviews. And once I had the chance to make an appointment, I booked it. It took over 2 hours to put each eyelash on my eye, and at first, it was worth it. My lashes looked great:”


“About a day after I got the extensions, everything changed. I woke up in the morning and my eyes were really burning. I could barely open them. I realized the glue from the extensions must have reacted strangely with my skin. An allergic reaction or something. I didn’t know what to do, my son was crying, but I could barely see to help him. Thank god I have my mother on speed dial.”

By the time her mother got to her house though, the damage was done…

“I tried to wash my face with cold water, and it gave me some relief. I could open my eyes. That’s when I realized what was making my eyes burn…. My eyelashes had fallen off and they were stuck in my eyes! I must have pulled a dozen eyelashes out from my eye. When I could finally see again I realized my eyelashes were BALD.”

Every single eyelash had fallen out of Marcy’s eyes. A reaction from the adhesive had basically burned each eyelash off at the base, making her eyes look bald.

“I didn’t know what to do! I had classes to teach, parents to meet and I looked crazy! I called the salon but they refused to help. They said when you get the extensions, you’re getting them at your own risk. I couldn’t believe it!”

Marcy wrote an angry post on Facebook to warn others about eyelash extensions. She was so upset she could barely type.

“The salon said I basically had to wait for them to grow back, IF they did at all. I was so stunned.”


After Marcy posted on Facebook, an eyelash growth serum brand Liaison contacted her and was touched by her story.

“They told me they hear so many stories of people with bad experiences from eyelash extensions. The problem is salons with bad experiences scrub the reviews from places like Yelp so it seems like customers have positive experiences. I was shocked, but it made sense because I went to this salon after reading rave reviews.”

Liaison offered Marcy a six-month supply of Lash Bond, their eyelash growth serum, which claims to make lashes longer and more lucious within 4 weeks!

“I didn’t have high hopes for it, but I was ready to try anything. Then after using Liaison for a month, I noticed significant growth!”

After six months of use, Marcy’s eyelashes had grown back better than ever.

“I swear they were even longer and fuller than when I had the extensions in. I was so pleased I contacted Liaison and told them I’d be ordering more serum! They were so nice they offered me a 50% discount
code SECRET50
that they said I could share with my friends!”


We talked further with our investigative reporter Stephanie Marianne who has been researching beauty products and their ingredients for years. We wanted to know if she would recommend Liaison Lash Bond, and how it worked for her. Stephanie tells the story.

Personally, I never believed in the effectiveness of eyelash serums. There’s a lot of brands out there claiming they work, but most don’t, and many use ingredients that can harm you. I’ve had too many friends tricked into buying serums just to find out it’s a waste of money and their lashes are worse off than when they started. So I’ve avoided it at all costs.

But then my best friend, who I trust with my life, swore by Liaison’s Lash Bond. She said it worked within 4 weeks. I, of course, didn’t believe her. But then she showed me her before and afters and I was stunned. Week by week, I could see her eyelashes getting healthier and longer. Then I asked to see the ingredient list….

I was even more stunned to see healthy, effective ingredients listed on the bottle. Not a single ingredient caused alarm!

I begged her to let me borrow her Lash Bond. Instead, she gave me a secret 50% off code, SECRET50, and I ordered two bottles immediately.

I received the package within two days and started using it that night. The application is very simple, a small amount across your eyelashes before you sleep. It feels like placing water on your eyelid. Of course, I woke up the next day expecting a miracle… but alas, it takes longer than that to see results.

How Does It Work?

So while I waited, I looked into the science of Liaison. I wanted to know how it worked, and what it was aiming to do with my lashes…

Step 1: When you apply Liaison, a fresh supply of oxygen and citric acid work away at lash waste, releasing it through your pores to be washed away and clearing the way for nutrients.

Step 2: Our specialized mixture, including purified water and hyaluronic acid, activates internal peptides and gains access to follicles to prepare for bold growth.

Step 3: Polypeptides travel deep into your roots, supplying follicles with essential proteins throughout your day and while you sleep.

Step 4: Refreshed lash follicles continue to receive the optimal oxygen, blood flow, and dose of nutrients needed to keep lashes healthy and strong.

Did It Finally Work?

After about 3 weeks is when I began to notice the color of my lashes getting darker. 4 weeks and I noticed I didn’t have to apply as much mascara. By week 6, it was as if I was a totally different woman.

Since then, I’ve continued to apply and my lashes have only grown thicker and healthier. The amount of money I save on mascara from having to use less product is now used for Lash Bond.

I’ve been converted into a lash serum believer, and hope you will, too.

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    Tara Smith

    I feel like I've tried every different serum, and this list is ACCURATE LOL.

    Reply 21 10 minutes ago
  • avatar

    Maria Gonzales

    Highly recommend. Liaison is the only one that's worked for me!!

    Reply 15 20 minutes ago
  • avatar

    Jordan Smith

    Used Latisse for a few months to small results. I'd be interested to try that last one!

    Reply 19 25 minutes ago
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    Addison Lewis

    I love LIAISON! Only one that doesn't make my eyes itch at night! LOL

    Reply 53 About an hour ago
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    Sammie Drew

    anyone here do research on the clinical studies? is it 100% safe?

    Reply 3 An hour ago
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    Harrison Ferris

    ^hi Sammie. I had a girl of mine (medical-practitioner) read through the studies, she was pretty shocked at how legit they were.

    Reply 2 2 hours ago
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    Kathryn Darin

    I've given most of these products a chance and none worked like the last one. It's the one I still use.

    Reply 16 3 hours ago
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    Alanna ‘martin’ Payne

    OMG I KNEW Lumi was bad. I never trusted that brand! Lash Bond is perfect though!

    Reply 53 4 hours ago
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    Alice Chang

    That code's not so much SECRET now! haha

    Reply 13 4 hours ago
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    Chrity Jackson

    My sister shows me liaison after I mentioned how good her eyes looked. Looks like others have been catching on!

    Reply 17 5 hours ago
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    Merrly Lynn

    I just placed my order. I can't wait to get them!! Thanks - xoxoxo.

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    Steph Jackson

    Telling all my friends about this, thanx for the info

    Reply 12 6 hours ago
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    Jill Phongsa

    using SECRET60 code now!! I love long lashes!

    Reply 3 6 hours ago
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    Molly Murley Davis

    Been looking for a good lashes product most of them burn my eyes, but I think this might be the winner! Gonna order tonight and track my results for everyone.

    Reply 13 6 hours ago
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    Jenna Ponchot Bush

    Good to know!

    Reply 7 7 hours ago
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    Sarah Mamam

    I'm convinced! Now to get the hubby to order this for my birthday!

    Reply 28 7 hours ago
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    Sara Bergheger

    Sarah! Men don't notice eyelashes. You need to ask your mom or a sister?? LOL

    Reply 17 7 hours ago
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    Jamie Jack

    Haha agree with Sara!

    Reply 5 9 hours ago
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    Carry Tavern

    Had no idea you could get results like this.

    Reply 12 11 hours ago

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